Freshman influenced by older brothers’ passion for sports

January 20, 2015 — by Rachel Hull and Michelle Leung

Three Doziers walked the halls of Saratoga High before freshman Quinn Dozier ever did. 

Three Doziers walked the halls of Saratoga High before freshman Quinn Dozier ever did. 2008 alum Trent, 2010 alum Bryce and 2013 alum Kyle traveled the well-worn path through Saratoga High before their younger brother Quinn.

Spanish teacher Gina Rodriguez, who taught Trent and Kyle when they attended the school, said that when Quinn first walked into her class, his red hair and classic Dozier freckles transported her back a few years.

“I was very excited,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a nice family. They’re very nice people. The parents are very supportive of them, and the three of the four brothers that I know are just great kids.”

According to Quinn, the fact that his teachers often know him indirectly before he ever steps into their classrooms is beneficial.

Quinn’s mother, Allison Dozier, sees the Dozier legacy left by Quinn’s elder siblings as helpful as well.

“Quinn is already enjoying his experience at the high school,” Mrs. Dozier said. “He can’t get away with much because almost every single faculty member or administrator recognized him as a Dozier as soon as he stepped on campus. His brothers took advantage of the opportunities at SHS, and we are sure that Quinn will, too.”

Although the brothers share clear physical traits that many staff members recognize, according to Kyle, unique characteristics like Trent’s appreciation of drama and plays and Bryce’s enjoyment of movies differentiate each brother.

Quinn said he is especially close with Kyle, since he is closest to Quinn in age and helps him “through a lot of things,” like sports and school, but all four Dozier brothers share a strong bond.

Particularly noteworthy is their shared passion for sports. During family gatherings like Thanksgiving, the Doziers spend their time together playing sports like wiffle ball and football, a family legacy. When the Doziers all reunite, it can get “really hectic,” but Quinn enjoys the excitement.

“It can get a little crazy when we’re all at home,” Quinn said, “but it was really weird especially when they went to college because it got a lot quieter and a lot more normal.”

Said Mrs. Dozier: “The things that I love most about having four boys are probably the things I hate most about having four boys — they are always loud, they eat a lot and most of their stories and jokes are at the expense of their parents. I wouldn't trade it for anything. We also love how supportive they are of each other.”

Quinn also plays basketball and baseball, and he and his brothers enjoy watching Giants, Warrior and 49ers games together.

He finds his brothers’ past experience with football in particular to be helpful. Football is his favorite sport because of the team’s camaraderie gained through shared challenges like knowing “how hard we worked to get here, so we all understand what each other has gone through, so it brings us together and makes us closer than other sports do.”

“We all played football, and so they really helped prep for what it was going to be like,” Quinn said. “They would tell me that I had to work out a lot and eat healthy; if I eat bad it’s only going to make [my playing] worse.”

In fact, according to Kyle, who now plays baseball at Loyola Marymount, their shared interest in athletics is something that strengthens their relationship.

“We are all pretty similar,” Kyle said. “We all enjoy sports and that brings us together.”

According to Quinn, his brothers set high standards for him during the time they spent at Saratoga — standards that result in some formidable expectations for Quinn athletically.

“Some people expect a lot out of me athletically because my brothers did a lot of really impressive things here,” he said, “but most people — since they’re so much older than me — don’t know them, so it doesn’t really affect me.”

Quinn said, however, that he never feels the need to set himself apart from his brothers.

“I like being mentioned with my brothers because they did a lot of great things here,” Quinn said, “and I also want to contribute to great things here.”

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