Former Lynbrook student identifies key differences between Saratoga and other schools

October 2, 2014 — by Michelle Leung and Trevor Leung

Junior Supriya Singh describes the differences between Saratoga and Lynbrook High School, which she attended during her freshman and sophomore years.

Junior Supriya Singh attended Lynbrook High School for her freshman and sophomore years, but moved to Saratoga after her family moved into the district.

Singh said one big difference between the two schools is that Saratoga classes assign more homework than Lynbrook classes do. In fact, academically and athletically, the Saratoga atmosphere is also more focused in certain ways.

“I feel like at Saratoga, there are a lot more academic conversations than [in] Lynbrook,” Singh said. “There are more interesting electives offered, which is nice; however, in my classes, there is a much bigger work load than Lynbrook would have.”

Singh also said athletics seems to be bigger at SHS than at Lynbrook.

Lynbrook and Saratoga are equally academically competitive, but according to Singh, the competition extends further at Saratoga. Singh said that whereas at Lynbrook, most students are not very verbal about their academic worries outside of class, at Saratoga, more students focus on academics even during free time.

In addition to academic competition, Singh thinks that Saratoga is less spirited than Lynbrook — a problem the Spirit Commission is trying to resolve this year by adding multiple incentives for students to attend home football games, such as the creation of the Red Zone at football games, and the provision of face paint, beaded necklaces and t-shirts.

During the weeks leading up to Homecoming week in particular, Singh has noticed that in contrast to the significant impact Homecoming week has on Lynbrook students, Saratoga students do not prioritize Homecoming week celebrations as much. While she “really looked forward to all the spirit in that week” at Lynbrook, she does not see as much hype about Homecoming week among Saratoga students.

From her experiences so far at Saratoga, Singh has found that it is sometimes difficult to really get to know Saratoga students as a whole.

“It's not hard to make friends because people introduce themselves,” Singh said, “But over here I've only met a select few that I can tell things to, [though] hopefully that will change.”

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