Formal to be held at San Jose Country Club

November 28, 2016 — by Harshini Ramaswamy
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Picture of Ching's asking.

Dance Commissioners share details about this year's Winter Formal Dance. 

More than 500 students attended last year’s winter formal at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. This year, with a smaller venue, ASB and Dance Commission have decided to limit the number of students attending formal to 480.  

“With a larger venue it would have difficult to have so many people at formal because there are so few administrators and supervisors,” said head dance commissioner Mervi Tan. “The  administration would rather have a safer environment for people to enjoy themselves in.”

Following the theme of “Winter Warmth; Wrapped up in light and life,” the dance will feature decorations from the club itself, a large part of the reason the venue was chosen.

“The first impression we got from the venue was that it was cozy, which is why we wanted to make it ‘Winter Warmth,’” said dance commissioner Christine Wang. “It’s like a ‘warm’ thought. Once people see the venue they will understand.”

Students such as senior Nathan Ching are excited for a change of place in venue, as it is more “out there” and original, and believe that Leadership is “stepping up their game” in terms of the school’s Winter Formals.

Ticket sales, originally $40 for ASB and $45 for students without ASB, were  $45 ASB and $50 without until Nov. 30.

The commissioners have also chosen to give two tickets to the winners of an asking competition. Ten people will be nominated based on the number of likes the asking receives on the SHS Askings Facebook page, and the winners will ultimately be determined by either the ASB or dance commission.

For his part, Ching wanted to make his last formal asking special. Inspired  by a YouTube video he had found online, Ching’s unique asking attracted a crowd of students during tutorial.

“I hid under a table in a diaper and I had my friend pretend he was in labor and he ‘gave birth’ to me,” Ching said. “The pun was that ‘I was born to go to formal with you.’”

The winners of the asking contest will be revealed a week before formal.

The dance will include music from DJ Delicious, and a photobooth with  polaroid pictures will be available for students. The background of these polaroid pictures feature a breathtaking view of the entire city of San Jose. Professional photos from Now and Forever Studios will be taken in the cafeteria at 5 p.m. on Dec. 10 and photo slot signups can be accessed after purchasing tickets.

“We’ll also have other events going on if people don’t want to dance,” Tan said. “We’re going to put on Christmas movies and have cards and boardgames.”

The dance will also feature food catered by the country club itself, and a chocolate fondue fountain and a sundae bar have been included as part of the menu. Pizza and beverages will be provided at the school beforehand.

According to Tan, preparations for this year’s formal started last June, and the venue was chosen during the summer.

“It’s just been two months of hard work,” Tan said. “I think [the tickets] are probably going to sell out really soon so people should buy their tickets early!”

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