For the love of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 28, 2022 — by Natalie Chua and Sanjoli Gupta
Photo by Leyna Chan
An overflow of people rush to get discounts on Black Friday.
The two big shopping days after Thanksgiving can fulfill a year’s worth of shopping needs and wants.

Picture this: It’s 2019. You and your friends are sprinting from store to store: Hollister to Macy’s, Target to Best Buy. The entire mall is in a frenzy with everyone ready to stake their territory and claim the cheapest items they can find.

Flash forward to 2022: You’re typing away and clicking on as many Christmas gifts as you can and checking out before the red “Only 2 left!” pop-up changes to “Sold Out.”

Let’s face it: We love cheap things. Free things too. We love the rush of buying things and spending money that we don’t have. The lower prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday make it easier to fulfill wish lists for both yourself and your family. Waiting for Christmas sales to treat yourself is too long. There is a high likelihood that your cousin’s much-desired volcano simulation toy will run  out of stock, and getting it early prevents future stress. 

Moreover, you can stock up for the year on things you know you’ll need: baking soda if you bake, new socks because of the numerous holes and a new screen cover because yours cracked months ago and you’re bound to crack it again. 

There’s no need to be indecisive: Just get them all and return later! Black Friday and Cyber Monday force indecisive shoppers to make decisions quickly. 

As people who dislike shopping because of how time-consuming it is, we have found the discounts force us to make a decision and buy something before they end. Otherwise, we end up trying on a million pairs of expensive shoes just to find nothing in my price range or that we like and wearing the same shoes we have had for the past two years.

As hard-working students, we know you rarely leave the house, so having a reason to productively shop can help you have some fun during the long weekend. Who knows, maybe you and your friends will build cherished memories of sprinting to purchase an item and grabbing it before someone else can. 

To help you along on this spending journey, we have compiled some of the best deals this year: 


Lego Store

This iconic gem of a store’s lego sets usually has an estimated cost of $100 plus. With the neat deals, you can get an FC Barcelona stadium lego set for just $210 instead of the original price of $350. Think of it as planning in advance for a young cousin’s birthday or fulfilling your childhood dreams.

New sneakers

Planning to work out or exercise but your sneakers are filled with holes and the soles have gone bad? Nike offers up to 40% discount on various type of sneakers like Air Force 1s and Air Jordans


Gamers, young adults, engineers, photographers, bakers and even Pokemon collectors anticipate Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Best Buy, where they can get their hands on expensive high-tech electronics and Pokemon products at a more affordable price. For example, even though the iBUYPOWER SlateMR Gaming desktop regularly sells for $980, Best Buy offers a Black Friday deal that drops the price to $780. Amazon’s deals offer up to 70% off electronics such as kindles, watches and Smart TVs. 

Home Security Cameras

Amazon: As usual, the online giant has us ordering our necessities left, right and center. The deals here, specifically for home safety, have got to have your parents running to their computer. Stay protected to the winter with Blink Smart Home Security Cameras that are 40% off and get your very own Echo for 50% off as well. 

Bulking up on home supplies for the Holidays

At Costco, known for its bulk for all your favorite necessities including toilet paper, paper towels, almonds, energy bars and kitchen appliances, you can get even more for less money. Why not purchase 200 candles for an even cheaper price than usual? 


Book stores need all the support they can get, and their post Thanksgiving deals are perfect to stock up on some books to curl up by the fireplace with. At Barnes and Nobles, the Coupons and Deals page gives both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to check out, with 30% off Hardcovers and Preorders.  


We hope these coupons and deals give you some ideas for your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping. There’s a deal out there for everyone, regardless of what piques your interest. All in all, the two weekdays after Thanksgiving are the height of mass consumerism, but you can rest well knowing you might not have to shop for big-ticket items for another year.

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