Field Hockey: Schroeder brings fire to team

September 18, 2009 — by Kevin Mu

Junior forward Vanessa Block hits the ball to the top corner. Senior midfielder Sam Lii stops the ball and passes to junior midfielder Ren Norris. Norris shoots—no, fakes—the ball goes in between her legs. Senior defender Anna Schroeder takes her position and strikes it in to the corner of the goal for a goal.

Plays like this are what makes Schroeder stand out on the field, but this versatile athlete offers more to her team than just a wicked slap-shot.

“She brings a lot to the team, and as captain she’s always really intense,” said fellow defender senior Jessica Liscom. “She always helps whenever anyone has a question she’s always available to answer it; if the offense is on us she’s always there to come back and help us. She’s just an all-star.”

Even as a freshman, Schroeder demonstrated a strong passion for field hockey. Having been on the varsity field hockey team for four years, she currently leads the Falcons as team captain. Her strong hitting and defensive skills serve her well as a defender, and her ability to slow down the forward and steal the ball is crucial to the team. It is her leadership, however, that truly brings her team together.

Last year, the varsity field hockey team only lost two games and made it to the CCS finals. Under Schroeder’s leadership, the team hopes for the same success this season as well.

“She brings intensity to the team,” assistant coach Amber Wilson said. “She’s improved every year, and she encourages everyone to work as hard as she does. During games, she’s like the coach that’s [always] on the field.”

Although Schroeder has rightfully earned her status as a field hockey superstar, Schroder maintains a humble and down-to-earth attitude by focusing on the camaraderie she feels between her teammates more than anything else.

“I like the team aspect,” she said. “We’re girls and we’re all friends. We’re able to be together, [and] whether we win or lose, it’s still a good experience.”

Despite her healthy attitude toward sports, Schroeder believes that field hockey has brought out her competitive nature.

“I wouldn’t say everything is a competition,” she said, “but if we’re just playing games at home, it’s just something to get into the game—[sports have] definitely shaped my life.”

Although Schroeder has been playing sports for her entire life—she actively participated in basketball and soccer leagues in elementary school—she loves field hockey not because of her skill or experience at the sport, but rather because it is a novel challenge for her.

“I love [field hockey] because it’s relatively newer to me, so it’s something different,” said Schroeder, who began playing field hockey in the seventh grade.

With such talent and passion for field hockey, the college-bound Schroeder is strongly considering her future with the sport.

“I have been looking to play field hockey in college,” she said. “Nothing has been decided yet, but I’m definitely interested.”

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