Field hockey loses to LG but maintains strong position in league standings

October 9, 2015 — by Julia Miller and Vibha Seshadri

Even though they have only 11 players, the field hockey team has been thriving this year in the De Anza league with a record of 4-1 as of Oct. 9.

Even though they have only 11 players, the field hockey team has been thriving this year in the De Anza league with a record of 4-1 as of Oct. 9.

Because of the small roster size, team members have been fulfilling different positions, and so far, the dynamic has been successful.

Their only league loss came at Los Gatos on Oct. 8 by the score of 5-1. Junior right forward Kelsey Kinoshita scored the team’s single goal with an assist by center forward Tina Miller.

Miller, a team captain, attributed part of the loss to Los Gatos’ bumpy and hole-filled field, something the girls were not used to.

“LG is used to their field because they practice on it every day,” Miller said. “All they do is a [hit the ball hard] and because of the bumpy field [the ball] can get past most people and their forwards can run on to it.”

Moreover, after Los Gatos scored the first goal in the first half, the Falcons had a tough time getting back on their game, and were not able to pass as they usually do.

Senior center midfielder Erin Norris, one of the team’s captains, said that junior right inside midfielder Emily Chen and junior left inside midfielder Hannah Leonard, however, controlled the center well in the high pressure game by stopping the ball effectively and passing as a way of controlling the ball in their area.

“The team learned the feeling of losing and how much it sucks, also we now know how to adjust our game for the next time we play them,” Miller said.

The team played Monta Vista at home on Oct. 6, and won 1-0. Norris said the girls did not play to their best abilities tight officiating by the referees. In the end, as the second half came to a close, Miller, assisted by Kinoshita, scored the single goal in the last five minutes.

“Because the [referees] were calling a lot, I think we had to overcome that and by the second half, we did,” Norris said “We broke down our steps and tried not to come in with any fouls.”

Additionally, Monta Vista’s defense was strong,and although the girls had many chances to score, they were not able to finish as their stick to stick passing was not up to par, Norris said. As a result, Monta Vista was able to intercept many of the girls’ passes.

The team played Gilroy on Oct. 2, a team they lost to in CCS quarterfinals last season. This time, however, the girls won 3-0. Clark scored one goal with an assist from Leonard. Miller scored another with an assist from Norris’s during a short corner. Senior left forward Corinne Bryan scored one as well. Gilroy took only one shot on goal.

Throughout the game, the team had successful corners and interceptions from the midfielders and backs. According to Norris, junior right winger Rachel Davey had great crosses on the field, while junior back Maxine Parr had many stops and hits to the forwards.

“It was great having fans at our game; it really kept the energy high for us on the field,” Miller said.

The team played Lynbrook on Oct. 1 and won 12-0. Miller scored six goals, Bryan and Clark both scored two goals and Kinoshita and Chen both scored one.

According to Miller, Norris helped carry the game in centerfield. But overall, the entire team stepped up. Although the girls were up 7-0 at halftime, they looked to use their lead and time to their advantage by gaining experience playing in different positions.

“We are not the type of team that just want the score up high,” Miller said. “We actually want to work on our game.”

Coach Lifon Huynh, switched up the lineup for the second half, so everyone was playing new positions. The forwards were midfielders, the defenders were forwards and the midfielders played defense.

“I just think everyone as a whole team kind of stepped up their game because they weren’t used to playing those positions in a game,” Miller said.

During this game, Miller saw improvements in ball handling as well. The team consistently moved the ball across the back field, which allowed members more open space. Additionally, their short corners, a hit taken from the corner of the field to advantage the offensive team with a goal, were going to completion.

“We were struggling [with short corners] in the past games, and we finally got those to connect,” Miller said.

Before the successful game against Lynbrook, the team faced Prospect on Sept. 29 and won 5-0. Miller scored two goals, while Leonard, Clark and Kinoshita each scored one goal.

Davey made great crosses to those in the center, according to Norris. Additionally, high center midfielders Chen and Leonard controlled the center field with good passing and continuous ball movements, such as give and goes a diagonally patterned passing technique.

Moreover, the defense repeatedly and successfully channeled Prospect’s forwards to the sidelines which resulted in Prospect taking no shots on goal. Forwards Miller, Kinoshita and Bryan also put significant pressure on Prospect’s 16 yard hits, which allowed the team to intercept Prospect’s ball and carry out counter attacks.

Nevertheless, the girls are still striving to  improve on a few of their ball handling skills.

“Something that we need to improve one were our traps and movement off the ball to get open for each other more,” Norris said.

Needing improvements, the Falcons played against Homestead on Sept. 24. Because they didn’t have their goalie, sophomore Maya Gupta, JV player senior Corinne Bryan stepped up and saved a few goals for the team. The school  won the match in a shutout, 6-0.

Miller scored a three goals with assists from Leonard, Kinoshita, and the other team’s goalie. Additionally, Kinoshita scored one goal, Norris scored another, and Parr scored one, assisted by Chen.

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