English class sizes to be reduced

May 19, 2008 — by Robin Liu

Next year, the English Department plans to add five more sections after a district decision to decrease class sizes in English. English Department chair Cathy Head hopes that the addition of more periods in some crucial courses will reduce the average class size.

“We can bring down class sizes from 33 or 34 to 28 or 29,” said Head. “There should be a reduction of maybe five students on average [in classes] above freshman level.”

One section will be added to English 10 and two to English 11 Honors to help reduce class size and workload for the teachers, so that they can focus more attention on each individual student. English Language AP will also have another section. In the past, there were scheduling conflicts due to the high interest in the class, causing some students to be moved into English Literature AP. Also, there will be one section added to English 9 classes for students who come in during the summer.

“We have special state funding to keep English 9 classes 20 to 1,” said Head. “We added a section to cover [students] who come in.”

There will also be changes in teaching assignments and at least one new teacher will join the English department, however, these plans have not been finalized yet, she said.

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