Drama students host Coffeehouse event

May 19, 2008 — by Mika Padmanabhan

The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the insights of an aspiring poet, and a highly artistic and captivated audience paint the scene of a contemporary coffee shop. Saratoga High students will be able to experience this one of a kind scene during Coffeehouse on May 19.

Hosted by senior drama 4 students Kristen Gochnauer and James Knight, Coffeehouse is an open microphone show where attendees can perform skits, poetry songs and more. The event will take place in the Little Theatre and is open to all students.

“We have put up a sign up sheet for people interested in performing, but I know a lot of people are unsure of what they want to do,” said Gochnauer. “Even if they decide to perform last minute it’s totally fine, and they can still do it.”

Despite the low number of students signed up on the performer sheet, Gochnauer hopes to bring in more prospective performers by providing an incentive of coffee.

“I have talked to Starbucks and I am in the process of having them provide coffee for the event,” said Gochnauer.

Unlike the One-Act shows hosted by the drama department, Coffeehouse is not a mandatory performance for the senior drama students.

“I know we have held it in previous years,” said Gochnauer. “So we decided to bring it here again because it sounds fun.”

Since the show is not mandatory, both Gochnauer and Knight are spending extra hours organizing the show in addition to the other work they must complete.

“It just takes a lot of organization and pulling some strings,” said Gochnauer. “But if the show is as fun and successful as we want it to be, then we know our efforts were worthwhile.”

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