Don’t forget the printed newspaper!

May 8, 2008 — by Brandon Yang

Hundreds of years ago, the average person had no way to receive the latest news. Everything traveled by voice, as few people could read and write. Eventually, the printed newspaper was developed as a way to spread news and propaganda among the people. However, young adults and teenagers have begun to rely on the Internet for almost all their news. Rather than forgetting the newspaper, students should continue to read and learn from it.

Despite the benefits of reading news online, they cannot compare to the convenience of the printed paper. People can easily carry today’s issue easily, unlike a computer, since it is both flat and light. Internet connection and electricity are not necessary; just find a well lit room or sit outside in the sun and read the newspaper. There are no links that lead to 12 other links, or a multimedia image that requires the download of the latest version of Adobe Shockwave. The convenience of the newspaper makes it the best choice for the morning news.

In addition, there are few distractions in the newspaper, while on the Internet, there are many. Although the graphics online may show the readers more, the advertisements are even more annoying than ever. Ads pop up on the computer screen all the time, with various offers and rewards. The computer may display messages about different updates that are needed. On the newspaper, nothing appears suddenly; everything waits for the reader to glance in its direction.

The newspaper is something everyone can enjoy. Because it is much less complicated than a computer, anyone can easily discover something that draws his or her attention. Every Sunday, one can find a large bundle of papers on the front steps, full of colorful advertisements, coupons and the latest news. Complete with pages of color comics, the printed paper appeals to all sorts of readers, from elementary school kids to seniors living in retirement homes.

Although online news sites offer more recent stories and detailed graphics, the newspaper appeals to readers with its simplicity. People of all ages can easily access the sections they are interested in. There are little distractions on the paper itself, unlike the advertisements that pop up all over computer screens. Because of the size and weight, the newspaper is much more convenient to carry around. The printed newspaper remains an important part of human life.

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