District drops Twitter usage as hate speech increases following Musk’s takeover

November 30, 2022 — by Jonathan Si
The district’s twitter account will no longer be utilized.
After the rise in hate speech on Twitter and its clash with district values, families are encouraged to follow the district on Facebook, Instagram, ParentSquare and LinkedIn.

The district will no longer use Twitter as a platform for communication, superintendent Bill Sanderson announced via email on Nov. 10. He cited the rise in “hate speech used on the platform,” which is opposed to the district’s values of diversity and inclusivity, and thus a decision was made to dissociate from the platform. 

Billionaire Elon Musk took over the company on Oct. 27 and began allowing back users that had been previously banned for violating the company’s terms of use.

Sanderson, referencing a Montclair State University article on recent the recent increase in hate speech, said the hate speech on the platform spiked after Musk’s acquisition of the platform and his promises to reduce its content restrictions. 

While the district has discontinued its use of Twitter, news and celebrations will continue to be posted on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, ParentSquare and LinkedIn.

“In education, we strive to create inclusivity and acceptance,” Sanderson said. “It is important to me that we not only say that we are inclusive but make sure that our actions indicate that we are inclusive.”

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