Dear colleges, I don’t accept your rejection letter

March 31, 2022 — by Derek Hsu and Allen Luo
A response to all the colleges that crushed your dreams

Dear Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

I would like to send my condolences to the admissions team who seems to be in the first stage of grief: denial. I want to offer my personal support in helping them achieve the last stage: acceptance. I was recently notified that I might not be admitted into the Class of 2026. I am hopeful that this is solely an egregious, gross mistake.  I herewith reject your rejection letter, and here are my reasons. 

The letter used the following language, which I quote directly: “Please understand that this is no way a judgment of you as a student or as a person, since our decision has more to do with the applicant pool than anything.” 

While we recognize the limited space available in MIT Class of 2026, it is extraordinarily odd that you have not judged us as worthy. Again, humans are error prone, even very small with people at MIT. 

We also reject your rejection letter itself; how dare you say it’s not a judgment of our qualities as a student. lAfter all, the college admissions process is supposed to be about merit, not the randomness that your mistaken rejection letter attributes admissions to. 


We also reject this wording further into the letter: “Since all of our decisions are made at one time and all available spaces have been committed, all decisions are final.” 

Final? Final? Nothing is final.

We realize that this rejection of your rejection may come as a surprise. There is no doubt MIT has a prestigious and qualified admissions team, but we are supremely confident that your letter was intended for others and not ourselves.



Disgruntled Seniors, Hopeful MIT Class of 2026

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