Cynthia Chen: Video Game Enthusiast

October 14, 2010 — by Deborah Soung

Most girls have stockpiles of clothes in flashy arrays of color. Sophomore Cynthia Chen has an ever-expanding collection of video games from Portal to Final Fantasy.

“My three brothers got me into [playing video games] when I was pretty young, and I grew up in a house full of guys, so I guess I just adapted to their interests instead of ‘female’ interests,” said Chen, who uses the Play Station 2 console for video games.

Chen’s addiction to video games has set her apart from the “stereotypical female,” since most girls do not spend as much time playing and collecting the games.

Her favorite video game is Final Fantasy X because “it has the most amazing plot and there was so much detail put into it.”

Chen, who owns every Final Fantasy game, said, “I own almost every video game, and I’ve tried most of the online multiplayer games out there.”

Chen’s favorite PC game is League of Legends, a multiplayer game which requires the players to form two teams and kill the opposing team’s characters to level up because “it requires the most strategy and skill to play, and it’s the most competitive. Also, each game in League of Legends is unique and it never gets boring. “

“Video games have always been a good stress reliever and a fun way to meet new friends,” said Chen. “Plus, they help my poor reflexes.”

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