Court of dreams: Basketball coach Mike Davey plans for full outdoor court

April 3, 2008 — by Aditi Jayaraman and Saniha Shankar

If basketball coach Mike Davey has his way, his team and others will be able to play year-round on a new, state-of-the-art outdoor basketball court.

Davey hopes the school will use a company called Sport Court, which specializes in many outdoor sport surfaces, to build the new court behind the east end of the track.
The court will have a flexible material placed over the cement. Because indoor gyms at school are often occupied by other teams and activities, basketball players are deprived of vacant courts to play on during the off season.

“We can’t get better if we can’t play,” said Davey. “We need to have an open gym during the off season.”

Davey initially hoped another gym could be built, but there is lack of school property to build on. He has currently raised around $5,500 from donations by National Junior Basketball and hopes to raise $110,000. Individuals who attended school basketball games have also supported the cause by filling donation boxes.

He hopes the plot behind the football goal post will serve as a basketball court in addition to a volleyball court. The basketball team plans on holding a fundraiser for the project soon.

“ If this court is built, it will be a lot easier for us to stay in shape during the off season,” said basketball player Thomas Wang. “We’re usually just looking for an open gym where we can just play and hang out and this would fulfill that purpose.”

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