College counselor and former assistant principal Karen Hyde guides ‘Path to Success’ in talk to parents

October 27, 2016 — by Lina Kim

Counselor questions if there is a right way to become successful.

Former assistant principal Karen Hyde told parents that they and their teens should stop worrying about college outcomes and look at the bigger picture during a presentation in the cafeteria on Oct. 13.

“This is not a chat about getting into college; rather it is getting into life,” Hyde said.

Hyde began her talk by addressing what she sees too much of in her current job as a college counselor and during her time here: competition.

Hyde believes competition is far too intense at schools like SHS, and too often students step on each other and hide their true passions to boost themselves up.

Disappointed in the insincerity of character reflected by some students, Hyde hopes this negative and selfish view will eventually transform into something closer to unity.

She then continued the presentation with an emphasis on the importance of happiness for students, as even those who  who work hard and earn the top grades may not be on the “path to success” because they cannot find happiness, she said.

Additionally, Hyde stressed that the college a student goes to will not be the sole determinant off their success later in life; other factors, such as graduate school grades, tests and social skills are a few others also contribute to a person’s ultimate success.

Above all, she wants parents to understand that there is not just one dream school for their students.

“Is getting into Stanford, applying to Stanford, being able to say your child applied to Stanford, important for your child or you?” Hyde asked.

Hyde wrapped things up by sharing her final thoughts to the audience.

“Embrace the reality that it is more important where you finish than where you start,” Hyde said. “Know that there is more than one college, and honor your child for who they are.”

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