Clubs switch to Google Classroom for communication

November 30, 2021 — by Apurva Chakravarthy and Jason Cheng
Club commissioners made the decision after numerous misunderstandings on Messenger regarding meeting minutes.

Google Classroom is replacing Facebook Messenger as the primary way for clubs to communicate.

The switch, senior club commissioners Grace Hsu and Nandini Desai said, was to have a system more similar to Canvas, the school’s learning management program. Recently, ASB has had trouble receiving each club’s monthly minutes, which results in clubs getting either one strike for turning them in late or two strikes for not turning in minutes at all. If a club gets three strikes, they can be cut entirely, Hsu said.

Because of the change in structure, club officers now receive notifications for every announcement or assignment created on Google Platform. The clubs commissioners use the platform to send reminders about minutes, how many meetings are required in a month and whether there are any breaks or holidays coming up.

Hsu believes that clubs weren’t turning their minutes in because they were simply forgetting to do so. The Messenger chat only included club presidents; club secretaries are supposed to record the minutes, but their exclusion from the chat often led to miscommunication.

“Because of that, we thought it made sense to just restructure our whole communication with Google Classroom and invite all officers to join,” Hsu said.