Class of ‘18 leaves strong impression from first Quad Day despite difficult theme

October 22, 2014 — by Spring Ma and Eileen Toh

Freshmen put together their first Quad Day at lunch on Oct. 21, which centered on a KRON 4 newscast. 

Freshmen put together their first Quad Day at lunch on Oct. 21, which centered on a KRON 4 newscast. The most impressive part of the Quad Day was the dances put on by the Class of 2018.

The broadcast was intended to be lightheartedly humorous and starred two news anchors: freshmen Christine Schultz and Jaijit Singh. The plot was tough to follow because of technical issues and actors deviating from the script.

“We told our anchors that it was OK to improvise a bit, but then they made up a lot on the spot,” freshman class president Kyle Wang said. “[One of the anchors] was only supposed to storm off [at the end] and not say controversial jokes.”

Despite the lack of communication, the freshmen showed dedication through their three dances — all girls’, all guys’ and co-ed dances — that each showcased their acrobatic talents.

“I went into Quad Day really worried about everything, but seeing the final result on video made everything worth it,” freshman Caitlyn Chen said, who choreographed the girls’ dance. “We seemed really together, and the girls were enjoying themselves on stage.”

Although their decorations were considered another highlight to their first Homecoming week, the class was disqualified for using wood for one their main pieces, which is only permitted for juniors and seniors.

“Since we're freshmen, we had a disadvantage and didn't know the rules until after we made the [wooden] board,” freshman Daphne Liu said. “Hopefully, we’ve learned from these mistakes and can go forward from here.”

Nevertheless, the freshmen will use their first Homecoming experience as a lesson for their many performances to come. 

“I think the point of Quad Day is to just have fun, and that’s what we are going to take away this year,” Wang said.

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