Changes ahead for spring fling

March 7, 2017 — by Elizabeth Lee

Students partcipate in last year's powerderpuff football.

Sadies dance is now gone, and has been replaced with a Spring Fling dance. 

Organizers of this year this year’s Spring Fling week are aiming to increase participation and school spirit by ending the traditional Sadies dance tradition and adding a school-wide Lip Dub.

Following the usual format, the annual Spring Fling week consisting of Powderpuff football games and a spirit week, will be kicked off with a rally on Friday, March 24, and a dance the next evening in the small gym. Unlike past years, though, this year’s dance will be a casual dance like Homecoming, instead of date-centered Sadies, in an effort to encourage more students to attend.

“Since Homecoming was such a huge success with 500 to 600 people in attendance, we decided to make the Spring Fling dance like a Homecoming part two,” dance commissioner Mervi Tan said. ”There’s no stress about dates, but rather just a night to have fun and dance with friends. It’s a nice way to pump people up for Spring Fling week.”

The dance is themed “Dancing Through the Decades” and will have free food, a photobooth and a live DJ.

Following the dance, the Powderpuff football games will begin on Tuesday at lunch with a matchup of freshmen and junior girls. The next day sophomores and seniors clash., The losers of the first two games meet on Thursday in a consolation game, and  the championship game occurs on Friday. At each game, boys will dress in cheer outfits and provide sideline entertainment.

“Powderpuff is an exciting way for the classes to get together and show their spirit in a fun and competitive way,” junior Nicholas Di said. “I’m also excited for the cheer routines because it’s funny and I really enjoy the experience of being able to perform a dance routine, which is something that the girls usually do.”

In addition to the football games that will be occurring throughout the week, the Spring Fling and Homecoming Commission is coordinating the traditional spirit week that allows students to show off their creativity. Monday’s theme is “School Spirit”, Tuesday’s is “Meme Tuesday,” Wednesday’s is “Western Wednesday,” Thursday’s is “Rock and Roll Thursday” and Friday’s is “Groovy Friday.”

“Our main goal for Spring Fling was to get as many people involved with the spirit week,” junior Spring Fling commissioner Andrew Zheng said. ”We chose these themes because they were easy for the school population to participate in and also incorporate a wide scope of ideas.”

Besides the traditional Spring Fling week, the Rally Commission has planned a school-wide Lip Dub during tutorial on March 27, the first Monday of Spring Fling week.

“We are super excited about the Lip Dub and Spring Fling because it gives people time to socialize  and have fun especially before the cram for AP Testing and end-of-year activities,” Zheng said. “Since there are a lot of fun activities planned, we hope that students would feel relaxed and less stressed about the academic work they have to do.”

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