Car holds rally keepsakes

September 23, 2010 — by Synthia Ling and Rebecca Nguyen

Rally commissioner Leah Capek’s black 2003 Volkswagen Jetta seems more like a storage closet for costumes, props and equipment used in past rallies rather than a form of transportation.

“My stuff is all pretty much from the rally, give or take a few things,” said the senior who has been on the rally commission since the end of last year. “There are flags, my clothes from the rally, skates and in the backseat of my car I have my blanket and binders. I also have some nice robes and a bra.”

Capek, embarrassed by the blue leopard print bra, explains how it got in her car.

“I’ve actually never worn it before,” said Capek. “I think it still has the tags on it. We wanted [senior Jay Lee] to wear it during the rally but we’re not allowed to do that.”

In the trunk is also a fake snake that junior Anna Ashe, playing Lord Voldemort, wore around her neck during the recent Harry Potter-themed rally. There are also helmets and longboards that was used in a competition among each grade. Students had to lay down on the boards on their stomachs and race around the gym.

Along with the interesting rally items are her everyday things such as white sneakers and a blanket to keep warm during football games.

Capek does not mind her disorganized with eccentric belongings but it does create problems when friends try to ride in her car.

“I just throw my stuff in the backseat,” said Capek. “But then I realize, ‘Oh wait, people have to sit in the backseat’ so I just throw everything back in the trunk.”

With all of her crazy stuff, Capek can always entertain herself.

“If anyone ever wants to play flag football I’ve got some flags,” said Capek. “You know, if you want to do that at lunch.”

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