Can you Kanye?

November 4, 2009 — by Apeksha Sharma

Some people know Kanye West as the rapper with record-selling songs and white shutter shades, but many know him for his notorious outbreaks. From his criticism of other celebrities to the apologies posted on his website, West has proven many times how outspoken he is—most recently at the MTV Video Music Awards when he took the microphone from Taylor Swift to proclaim the greatness of Beyoncé.

This convinced me to have my own Kanye West-like outburst. Although the giant audience and shocked country superstar wouldn’t accompany mine, teacher Matt Torrens’ seventh-period APUSH class would just have to do.

I went into class dressed in baggy sweat pants and heart boxers with a shirt that said “I love Kanye.” While many of my classmates didn’t seem to notice my absurd ensemble, there were those who did look curious. I took my seat as if it were any normal day and paid no attention to the peculiar looks.

Torrens began lecturing about Chapter 12 on the War of 1812. However, taking the precaution not to shock him too much, I notified him before that I would be making an outburst and when the students were looking bored, I got the signal to do my thing.

I stood up without making a scene and walked into the center of the class, taking in all the whispers around me. I then looked at Torrens and said, “Yo, Mr. Torrens. I’m really happy that you put together this Chapter 12 lecture and Imma let you finish…” That’s when people started putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

I then finished by saying “but Beyoncé’s got one of the best Chapter 12 lectures of all time.” Torrens was speechless and the rest of the class was confused for a moment. A few seconds later, the whole class was clapping and laughing at my Kanye West moment.

As I took my seat again, I saw the momentary giggles of my classmates and my friends couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the period. So this answers the question, that you can be Kanye West with the right attire, speech and teachers.

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