Calendar displays poetry students’ work

November 21, 2008 — by Lauren Kuan and Pia Mishra

The Creative Writing: Poetry class has decided to create a calendar that includes the students’ poems, which were inspired by their recent field trip to Old Grandview Ranch, an awe-inspiring chateau of 25 acres located in the Saratoga foothills.

The calendar also includes pictures of Grandview that were taken by professional photographer Janet McLellan, mother of Creative Writing III poetry student Stephen McLellan, during the poets’ visit in October. McLellan was there taking pictures as a pictorial record of the students’ experiences when she realized that the pictures could be compiled with students’ poetry into a calendar. She is in charge of taking care of everything including getting it published and copyrighted.

The estate is owned by Dr. W. Donald Head, a former English professor who is a major collector of artistic and architectural pieces. His home had never been opened to students before; but due to a special request by poetry teacher Judith Sutton, he graciously opened for her students to spend time at various artistic sites on the property and write poems in response to each place.

“Dr. Head lets us go there so that we can get some kind of inspiration from his property and pieces of art and write poems,” said senior poetry club co-president Aaron Garg.

Profits will support the poetry classes for everything from field trips to poetry readings and events. They are also looking to give several to Dr. Head to show him their appreciation for what he has done for them.

“The calendar is really pretty since the photos are gorgeous, so it is a good memento to give to him,” said Garg.

The calendars will be available for $15 during the first week of December. The calendar notes the birthdays of recognized poets.

“Not only were we gifted by Dr. Head for opening his exquisite place to us but we were so fortunate to have Janet McLellan, a true artist herself, take pictures. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make such a beautiful calendar which includes all of the students’ poems,” said Sutton.