Cafes offer varying qualities as places to study

October 10, 2018 — by Ava Hooman and Esha Lakhotia

Reporters look at various study spots.

Bogged down by piles of English or AP Physics homework, students frequent different study spots like a variety of cafes in search of a place to be productive outside of home. Inspired by our classmates, we decided to try a few cafes around the Saratoga and Cupertino area to see which ones were the best for a study trip.


Sue’s Gallery Cafe

Sue’s Gallery Cafe, which is located at the far end of downtown Saratoga near the drive to Hakone Gardens. It opened in 2016 and has a wide range of hot and iced coffees, teas, pastries and bread. The cafe’s main seating area, which is next to the kitchen and counter, is quite small but has additional seating next door, outside seating and even an upstairs.

The cafe might look crowded from a glance, but there are usually open spots. Its vibe is quite nice since most people there are also working, and it plays atmospheric, quiet music.

The only downside of the cafe is that it closes at 6 p.m., which prevents it from being a late-night study spot. Other than its limited hours, the cafe is a great choice for studying and its close location makes it a staple for many students.


Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is located in Cupertino near the Whole Foods and Target. It is a branch of the company known for its flavorful coffees.

Upon entering, we soon decided Philz was not the right choice for us because of the loud environment. Unlike Sue’s, a majority of people there were meeting with others or hanging out with friends, creating a lively but not particular studious environment. That being said, the coffee is still amazing and the cafe closes at 8:30 p.m., a much more reasonable time. If you are willing to sacrifice some quiet for a tasty cafe, then Philz is a great choice.


Bittersweet Cafe

The last place we tried was located in Cupertino near the Chipotle. The cafe is similar to Sue’s in the sense that it feels homey and tranquil. The cafe plays quiet music and we quickly became familiar with the employees. Also, it closes at 8 p.m., allowing for late-night study sessions. On the other hand, it is much smaller than Sue’s and Philz, so it can be difficult to find seating at times, especially over the weekends.

After trying and testing a few cafes, we decided that the best one for us was Sue’s, despite its limited hours. The ample amount of seating combined with the calm environment make it an ideal study spot cafe. But if you are someone who prefers to spend nights rather than afternoons working, the other two cafes are better options, as long as you can sacrifice some limited seating or quiet.

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