Burger joint smashes expectations

March 30, 2015 — by Gwynevere Hunger and Tiffany Zheng

Reporters review Smashburger, a burger joint in the Westgate shopping plaza.

With stacks of APUSH theses to write, Calculus equations to memorize and a chem test to study for, second semester juniors can feel as if Sunday nights are downright horrendous.  Unlike the majority of our peers who were crouched over their desks feverishly finishing their homework, however, we decided to procrastinate further by embarking on a food run to Smashburger.

Located in the Westgate shopping plaza, Smashburger is a 15-minute drive from Saratoga High with traffic, allowing us to appease our appetites quickly.

When we got there at around 7 p.m., we saw families congregated at high tables with masses of fries and burgers. Like most burger joints, Smashburger was crowded, but there was virtually no line, allowing us to place and receive our order in less than five minutes.

We ordered the Avocado Club Signature, Smashfries and fried pickles — a feast, even for two starving juniors. The price range was reasonable with $12 for each burger, $3 for the sides and $6 for each fries.

The entire ambiance of this restaurant was a mixture of a fast food joint such as In-N-Out or a fancy burger bar such as The Counter. With many people dining in on a Sunday night, the restaurant was  very welcoming with a lingering smell of burgers that invited all shopping in the Westgate Mall to come inside.

The massive avocado club was filled with classic burger ingredients: the applewood smoked bacon was crispy and thick, paired perfectly with the pepper jack cheese that was melted into the patty. The chipotle mayo seasoned the fresh lettuce, tomato and onion, creating a tangy taste complementing the vegetables. Though the beef patty was a bit on the salty side, the neutral, fresh avocado slices added a level of harmony to the food.

In addition to the satisfying burger, the mouthwatering Smashfries emanated tantalizing scents through the paper bag before we even tasted it.

Thinly sliced, the Smashfries were tossed in a combination of garlic, olive oil and crushed rosemary. Before we knew it, we had finished half the bag of fries. The skin of the fries was pleasantly crispy, but we were disturbed by the pool of oil left behind in the paper cup. Despite the copious amounts of grease, the Smashfries are a definite must-try.  

Finally, we tried the fried pickles we had ordered. At first glance, they looked like a cross between french fries and chicken nuggets; however, we later found them to be thin slices of pickles that were wrapped in a layer of deep fried batter.

The crunchiness of both the pickle and the fried exterior  tasted like one big, fried, vegetable crunch. Also, the soft yet hot breaded layer that surrounded the pickle created just the right amount of heat to contrast the cold pickle. This seemingly odd dish proved to be a surprising favorite.

Whether you are looking for a full burger meal or just a small side dish snack, Smashburger offers a wide variety of options that caters to all. With its convenient location, friendly atmosphere and mouthwatering fries and side dishes, Smashburger is a place both of us will come back to.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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