Bubble Tea Time: a worthy boba destination

September 14, 2017 — by Esha Lakhotia

Reporter reviews a new boba hotspot.

“Let’s get boba after school!”

Those are the words I always love to hear. As a pearl milk tea addict, I’m always interested in indulging myself at new boba shops.

So when Bubble Tea Time opened up in Saratoga next to Rojoz Wraps and Scoop N Stick on Prospect Road last spring, I decided to try it, hoping to discover a new store to add my ever-growing list of options.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately noticed the store’s cute decor. A lot of other boba places I’ve been to have had extremely long lines and a noisy atmosphere, so Bubble Tea Time’s relaxed vibe and soft music was refreshing. Though the shop is a bit small, there wasn’t a big crowd so it didn’t feel  cramped, and the artsy wall in the back made for a perfect photo op.

I tried the “Over the Rainbow” drink,  a peach and melon green tea with rainbow and mango star jellies, without sugar or ice level adjustments. Though many teas are overly sweet, Over the Rainbow perfectly balanced sweetness with the tanginess of citrus.

I could actually taste the green tea, since the peach flavoring was infused instead of directly added like a syrup. In addition, the mango jellies, though on the sweeter side, mellowed out the green tea’s slightly bitter taste with a fruity pop of flavor. Unlike most boba places, Bubble Tea Time brews tea on the spot for each individual drink, so customers can get their exact preference of tea strength and sweetness.

In addition to their fruity drinks, they also offer a variety of milk teas and shaved ice, which can also be customized.

In terms of price and size, a drink usually costs around $4.50, which is similar to most boba shops. But for that amount, the customer gets a good value because the drinks are much taller than others. In addition, the shop has a buy five get one free system, whereas at other shops customers need to buy 10 drinks to get one free.

Though the drinks were tasty and worth the price, the service was average; it took more than a few minutes to get my drink since there were only two employees working when I went.

Gong Cha, another boba spot right across the block, serves a more extensive menu to Bubble Tea Time; however, I would rather go to Bubble Tea Time because it tastes less artificial, as many drinks at Gong Cha seem overly sweetened even after adjusting sweetness levels. In addition, Bubble Tea Time’s short lines and their option to customize any drink make it a better option.

Although there was nothing in particular that stood out to me, I would recommend Bubble Tea Time as a go-to for relatively high quality boba in Saratoga.

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