Brandless, more like Brand-miss

October 3, 2017 — by Sandhya Sundaram and Amy Tang

Sophomore Sandhya Sundaram and junior Amy Tang review copycat snacks from a website, Brandless.

Brandless, a website that sells food, household items and school supplies all for $3, advertises its products as less expensive than their name-brand equivalents.

Its motto: “One big mission. One little $3 price. Around here, your values have value.” The company claims to provide better deals since it doesn’t have a “brand tax,” which supposedly hikes up the prices of name-brand products. We decided to test Brandless and ordered its versions of three popular snacks.


Cheese cracker squares (Cheez-Its):

Sandhya: Cheez-its are crispy, thin and most importantly, cheesy; however, the Brandless knock-off version was slightly stale and hard, lacking the cheesy-goodness I had expected. With its high price tag and measly portion, this overpriced Brandless product will never replace the original.


White cheddar popcorn:

Amy: The taste of the Brandless White Cheddar Popcorn wasn’t overpowering so I could eat as much as I wanted without feeling full. Since the product was cheaper than its name-brand version, the Brandless popcorn lived up to the website’s motto of providing a better value for the same type of food at an average supermarket, making it the only Brandless product that satisfied my expectations.


Chocolate Creme Cookies (Oreos):

Amy: The moment we took out the box of Brandless chocolate creme cookies into the Journalism Room, a hoard immediately crowded around. By the time I tasted one, there were only four left in the container — and for good reason. The cracker of the creme cookies resembled a bitter dark chocolate taste instead of the overpoweringly sweet Oreo crackers. Though the outsides of the Brandless chocolate creme cookies tasted a bit better, Oreos still prevailed due to their cheaper price and ability to satisfy cravings at any time.



We weren’t too impressed with the snacks that we ordered from Brandless since its products weren’t always cheaper than the name-brand equivalents and the portions were much smaller. Adding that to the hassle of ordering online, paying a shipping fee ($3 with a coupon code) and waiting four days for the products to arrive, we decided that Brandless is not worth our time or money.

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