Boys’ golf: Exceptional season, in danger due to lack of interest

April 28, 2009 — by Brian Kim

The boys were holding onto their chances of winning leagues by their fingertips, but the varsity golf team fell short after losing to Los Gatos on April 2 by a score of 206-188. With no matches left in the season, the boys must hand over their league title for the first time in eight years.

Despite the loss of key players last year, the Falcons played an exceptional season. Coach Bill Drennan spent some time away from his players on medical leave, but the team still fared well, winning its final match 239-209 against Milpitas on April 16.

Their downfall, however, spawned not from a lack of quality players, but from a lack of interest in golf. Student participation has declined recently, leaving the team with only seven players this season as opposed to last year’s nine.

“There has been less interest in golf as the years have passed,” said senior No. 2 player J.B. Lee. “With fewer incoming freshmen, fewer people trying out and, thus, not as strong of a team as we were before, we still tried our best and did relatively well. Hopefully interest in golf will return to the way it was before, and we’ll have a chance at leagues in the future.”

The top two players, senior No. 1 player Stephen Hoffman and Lee, will be graduating this June, leaving big shoes to fill for incoming and returning players. Freshman Michael Chen said this year will be the basis for future success.

“Although the losses were rather depressing at times, they definitely still provided a good experience for me,” said freshman No. 6 player Michael Chen. “I had less experience beforehand involving matches and tournaments. But the team played its best, and the players got along and worked well together.”

As their season on the green comes to a close, Lee, having spent four years on the golf team, felt skeptical on what might become of the team in upcoming years.

“The future of the team doesn’t look that great at this point,” said Lee, “but hopefully next year, we’ll see freshmen with good potential to turn the team around.”

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