Band life is for me

October 27, 2016 — by Ian Fu

The fun of marching band

“One more time on this chunk and then we’re moving on!” Shouted the percussion instructor.

Standing at my vibraphone, I let out a mental sigh as we prepared to take another chunk of music.

It’s the instructor’s way of saying, “We’re going to keep doing this until you get it right.”

But after two football games performances, and several recent competitions, I’m once again reminded these sort of redos are not only beneficial but necessary.

When I joined the marching band in freshman year, I knew that it involved a lot of hard work.

What I didn’t realize is that amount of effort that has to be put in every rehearsal.

Since day one of every marching band season, everyone is expected to put in their 100 percent commitment toward putting on a great show.

From freshman to junior year, I was put on a selection of instruments called the rack.

It’s where instruments like cymbals and drums are put on a rack for an easy to play experience.

However, this year, I was moved up to play the vibraphone, which is a piano-like instrument. This means that 2016 has been the toughest yet in band for me.

Much of rehearsal time is spent polishing up the show so when we go to competitions, we can provide something worth listening to as well as to have fun ourselves. Rehearsals require everyone’s full concentration as a particularly good run will earn you praise while making a particularly bad mistake will get you called out.

For me, the best thing about band has been meeting new people, and over the past few years, I’ve made some great friends (shout-out to Alex, Wyatt and Kha).

And at the end of the day, the most important thing about bandhas been that I’ve learned to enjoy myself. When I look back, I won’t remember sweating under 90-degree heat or marching for three hours, but just one thing: having fun with a bunch of people I like.   

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