Band goes to Chabot

March 6, 2009 — by Elizabeth Cheng

On Friday, Feb. 27, the Symphonic Wind Ensemble got a chance to showcase their months of rehearsals for fellow musicians at the Chabot College music festival. The band performed two pieces, “Huldigungsmarsch” by Richard Wagner and “Give Us This Day” by David Maslanka, for a panel of three judges that included Professor Gary Hill from Arizona State University, Dr. Ed Harris from San Jose Sate University, Dr. Andy Collinsworth from Sonoma State, who provided audio commentary on the performances.

“It was very exciting,” said music director Michael Boitz. “I was quite thrilled with the level of artistry that the wind ensemble students performed with and the very high level of musicianship. I was also very excited to perform for such great audience and adjudicators who gave wonderful feedback.”

The band last participated in the festival two years ago and had not gone last year due to time conflicts.

“Last year, I decided we’re not going to do it because Jazz Cabaret was the same weekend,” said Boitz. “This year they moved it up a weekend so there was not as much time constraint on the students. I felt like if you were a student in jazz band and wind ensemble this was an extremely busy weekend and there are already a lot of them in March with CMEA and then concerts, etc.”

After playing their two pieces, the band went into a clinic with one of the judges, Dr. Harris.

“I could spend hours with Dr. Harris because he has the ability to bring life and bring depth and meaning to the composer’s intentions,” said Boitz. “[He’s] one of the best I know at it. ”

Many other top bands from local high schools like James Logan and Monta Vista also attended. The band members were lucky to hear many of the different groups, including the Chabot Wind Band, who closed the festival at the end of the night.
“It was great because you get a chance to hear other schools in the Bay Area,” said Boitz. “But, one of the most exciting things about the weekend was listening to the kind of dialogue that students were having about the other ensembles and the Chabot Wind Band. I felt so grateful because I think we have such intelligent young men and women. To discuss in great detail musicianship and style and nuance and interpretation and all that sort of stuff with their level of depth is really quite astounding for 16, 17-year-olds.”

March Events

The past Saturday, the jazz bands and choir entertained the Jazz Cabaret attendees while the band and orchestra performed for eighth graders at Electives Night on Monday. Now, the music department is preparing for their March concerts. The symphonic bands will hold their concert on March 18, and the wind ensemble and symphony orchestra will perform on March 20.