On Back to School Night, parents take a walk in children’s shoes

September 8, 2016 — by David Koh

Drama teacher Sarah Thermond speaks with a parent during Back To School Night on Aug. 30.

Ten-minute 'classes' offer glimpse into what students learn each day.

Every year, teachers prepare for the onslaught of parents, navigating their ways to their sons and daughters’ classes at Back to School Night, where parents can meet teachers and learn more about the classes that their children are taking. This year the event took place on Aug. 30.

“[Back to School Night] has the potential to bring folks together for a single purpose,” said principal Paul Robinson, who was also celebrating a birthday that night.

He views Back to School Night as a key way to establish connections between the parents and the school, as well as promoting trust between parents and teachers. According to Robinson, students often reveal little to no information to their parents about their classes. This creates a void of information that Back to School night can fill.

Teachers have the opportunities to share with parents about their students’ courses in 10-minute sessions. In preparation for the presentations, science teacher Jill McCrystal tidied up her classroom and planned what she would present to the parents about her course.

“The main goal is to give them a feel of what the class is going to be like,” McCrystal says.

Several clubs also had the chance to introduce themselves to parents. At their stands in the quad club members promoted their clubs and got in touch with parents who were interested. Speech and debate club president Divya Rallabandi and members of the club, for example, advertised the its upcoming parent orientation and answered questions.

After the night ended at 9, Robinson felt satisfied to see the parents live the lives of students and felt that parents enjoyed meeting teachers and learning about classes.

“[I was] tired, but very gratified. We have a great school, with incredible teachers and students,” Robinson said. “It was just another day in paradise.”


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