Back parking accident and improvements

December 18, 2009 — by Anoop Galivanche and Olivia Chock

Over Thanksgiving break, a driver crashed his or her car in the back parking lot. According to maintenance supervisor Brian Moran, the driver was parked next to the fence and hit it while backing out.

“The railing sustained minimal damage,” said Moran. “It wasn’t a big problem.”

However minor the accident, the culprit was not caught, despite the presence of several security cameras near the accident scene.

Recently, the back parking lot has also received improvements such as the addition of a painted area for disabled parking access as part of a continuing effort to minimize traffic problems.

Though traffic issues remain, Moran said the school is lucky to have little vandalism compared to other schools.

“People vandalize, but vandalism is very rare at this school,” Moran said. “We’re really fortunate to have such honest students.”