Athlete of the Issue: Troy Doles

November 23, 2010 — by Roy Bisht and Dylan Jew

As Troy Doles intercepted and closed his hands over the football in the most crucial play of the Saratoga-Los Gatos game on Oct. 22, not only did the junior defensive back help end the 27-year losing streak to LG, he also sealed himself into Saratoga football history.

The interception was not the only positive note of Doles’ night—he also had 58 receiving yards, 109 rushing yards and a receiving touchdown. Even though he was a key contributor in ending 27 years of losing to LG, Doles was adamant in stating his belief of the importance of teamwork over his individual play.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was just going crazy after the game. It was awesome, just awesome. I felt like I played great, but definitely our teamwork was why we won that game,” said Doles.

As the football season wound to an end, most of the players on the team hung up there cleats and began conditioning for the next season. However, Doles just strapped on his shin guards and grabbed his soccer cleats and headed straight to the upper field for soccer tryouts. Last year, as a starting sophomore forward on varsity, Doles scored 17 goals, the second most on the team.

Doles’ prowess in sports doesn’t stop in the winter, however. He also competes in varsity track, running the 100- and 200-meter races and doing the long jump. Although Doles can’t put as much time into track because of his commitments to his other sports, he is very competitive and focused during meets.

“Since football and soccer are my two main sports, I don’t really have much time to prepare for track when it’s not the spring,” said Doles. “But I still try my hardest during all track events.”

Doles didn’t become a three sport varsity athlete overnight, it took years of practice and hard work for him to get where he is right now in all three sports. As of now, Doles dedicates roughly two hours during school days to sports.

“Sports take up about half of my time, I’m either practicing or doing homework,” Doles said.

This extreme athletic load makes it challenging for Doles to find time for homework. In order to succeed with such a heavy burden, Doles focuses on each sport during its specific season.

“Obviously by playing three sports, I get burned out a lot because I’m playing year-round and I never get any rest,” Doles said. “But, even though it’s going to be even harder in college, I want to keep playing sports at the next level.”

Doles attributes his motivation to hard work to his father, who taught him to keep working hard, no matter the degree of the challenge.

“I approach each practice with a game mentality,” Doles said. “The way I practice is the way I am going to play in a game, and I know that working hard will really pay off.”

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