Assistant principal Safine becomes a father

October 23, 2008 — by Girish Swaminath

Assistant principal Brian Safine and his wife brought their first son, Eli Xavier, into the world Oct. 7, who weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces at birth. Safine feels excited to become a father.

“It’s very powerful now that someone else is relying on me throughout the day and the course of his young life,” said Safine. “It is also a daunting task to consider raising a child.”

Regardless of the numerous concerns involved during the process of childbirth, Safine’s wife and he did not feel nervous or apprehensive during the process, but
Safine did feel some distress.

“Of course, as any father and husband would be, I would be concerned with the trauma a father and mother, for that matter, experiences through the delivery,” said Safine. “This is our first, so we are obviously unsure about what things might look like in the delivery room. I just want my wife to be well.”

Safine took a break from working at the office for a week to be with his wife during her convalescent stage. It was a tough time for Safine, as he had to balance his family situation with the busy college application season and the reading of teacher evaluations.

“Some work will get done on my laptop at home, and some [will get done] on weekends. [Also,] some work will get done when the baby’s asleep,” said Safine.

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