ASB to launch website

February 11, 2009 — by Guy Quanrud and Karthik Annaamalai

Some time in this month, the ASB will launch its first website. Created by senior ASB officers Felix Chu, Corey Rateu, T.T. Tu and Ketaki Shriram, the website hopes to be student friendly, providing users with as much current information as it can.

“I think that the website is pushing us forward and getting us closer to the school,” said Tu. “The website is an accomplishment for the ASB and it’s a big leap.”

The site will include a broad spectrum of information involving all student activities. Including updates, student elections, school requirements for running for student office and more. The Saratoga High School constitution will also be posted. Drafted by a student committee, the constitution includes all regulations regarding the student body and clubs.

“Hopefully, kids will be able to plan what they want to do and where they want to go,” said assistant principal Karen Hyde. “I think it’s everything you need to know on how to succeed in high school.”