ASB creates new fundraising event for class offices and commissions

March 23, 2017 — by Alexandra Li and Victor Liu

Class offices decide to sell at powerpuff instead of club rush in order to get funding.

This year, the class offices and commissions are planning to sell food during the last game of Powderpuff instead of during Club Rush in hopes of increasing game attendance while also keeping Club Rush exclusive to clubs.

The idea to create another food-related fundraiser was first proposed by Homecoming commissioner senior Megana Saripella as a way to combat both sparse attendance at Powderpuff games and chaos during club rush.

Since the event is called Club Rush, we wanted to focus as much attention as we could to clubs and clubs only,” senior clubs commissioner Ellicia Chiu said.

In hopes that separating fundraising days would be beneficial for all student groups, activities director Matt Torrens set aside the lunch period during the last game of Powderpuff today for commissions and class offices to sell food with the same ticketing system used in club rush.

“By making it a closed campus lunch and having a variety of food options provided by Leadership, we can hopefully attract people to attend Powderpuff as well as raise money for big events such as junior prom, senior prom and rallies,” Chiu said.

The senior class is embracing this new event by selling In-N-Out burgers as well as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, hoping that these two popular food choices will sell out.

“I think the class and commission rush is special because it's the first time anyone is selling food during Powderpuff,” senior class representative Sydnie Vo said. “We hope it encourages more people to come down and support the teams.”

Because many class and commissions have decided to sell full-fledged meals, the junior class opted to sell popsicles instead to cater to students wanting dessert. According to junior class representative Nicholas Di, the junior class officers hope to raise money to fund for both Homecoming and prom decorations next year.

To add the option of beverages along with the selection of food, the dance commission will be selling pearl milk tea and the sophomore class will sell chips and guacamole. For underclassmen who rarely get a chance to purchase food off-campus, this event will allow them to buy from a wider variety of food.

Although the freshman class office has never experienced fundraising at such a large-scale, they have still decided to take part in the Powderpuff fundraising by selling Costco pizza in order to fundraise for junior prom.

“We know it’s early to start fundraising for junior prom, but upperclassmen told us to start early, and it doesn’t hurt to save up money,” freshman vice president Prosper Chiu said.

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