Annual March Madness tournament culminates in close game

April 3, 2019 — by Jun Lee and Justin Guo

Kawhi Me a River beats 4 Year Varsity with a final score of 13-11

The annual March Madness basketball tournament took place from March 12 to April 2 in the Large Gym, during which teams of four competed against each other during lunch time. In the championship match, Kawhi Me a River (juniors Will Barthell, Leo Cao, Mohan Duvvuri and Siva Sambasivam) beat 4 Year Varsity (sophomores Tyler Chu, Ryan Gilligan, Cameron King and Dylan Li) 15-14, winning the 25-team tournament when the lunch bell rang on April 2.

As in previous years, teams could only have two players who played for the school’s varsity team, with only one starting player.

The event was run by ASB, and sign-up sheets were posted on the Facebook group page.

Senior class office originally planned to make the tournament a fundraiser, with buy-ins at $8 per team, but decided not to.

The event offered an opportunity for students to compete in a stress-relieving event.

“It was fun to play teams from all of the different grades. I thought we had a good chance of winning from the start since everyone on our team has played basketball for the high school,” Barthell said.

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