Annual Jazz Cab a successful night of music, food and friends

March 15, 2017 — by Kevin Chow and Sanjana Melkote
Photo by Ashley Feng

Students from Redwood Middle School warm up before performing at the annual Jazz Cabaret last Saturday.

The event was so popular that organizers ran out of food.

Last Saturday night, multicolored lights illuminated the dance floor set up in the Large Gym as people of all ages danced to the steady swing of jazz. Others sat on the side, nibbling on finger food, chatting.

Those who attended the annual Jazz Cabaret, which ran from 6-10 p.m., experienced a night of great food and lively music organized by the Saratoga Music Boosters. The proceeds go to the music department.

The first group of performers was Jazz Band 1a, known as Falcon Vibes, followed by Jazz Band 1b, named the Forte Falcons, and Jazz Band 2, called Toga Tones. History teacher Kirk Abe, who played the drums, performed various pieces including “String of Pearls” with with a 17-member band named Sound Proof.  

In between the program, senior choir member Kevin Wu soloed Frank Sinatra’s “All the Way.”

“I felt like all of the previous tension from the waiting was all being flushed out,” Wu said about the performance. “Every other thought was out of the picture. I just focused on being part of the song.”

Senior Mason Tian said he was impressed by Wu’s voice, especially its power.

“I’d known that he was an amazing singer by reputation,” Tian said. “But hearing it in person blew me away.”

Afterwards, senior Lea Moustakas sang a soulful rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

“It's the first time I've sung a song of that magnitude in public before,” Moustakas said. “I'm usually too nervous to perform hard songs like that, so I'm really glad that I did it. Half way through, I noticed my legs were actually shaking.”

Senior Saya Sivaram said she was extremely proud of watching her friend sing.

“Seeing her perform so flawlessly definitely cemented her as one of the most gifted singers that I've had the pleasure of knowing,” she said. “Her rendition was perfectly haunting while also being jazzy and irreverent.”

The SHS Concert and Chamber choir then performed a variety of numbers, including a medley of songs from Disney’s “Hercules” and a mashup of songs sharing the same 4-chord progression.

“I went to perform as a part of choir, but I stayed because I really liked the music,” senior choir member Sarah Jin said. “It was a chill night of good music, good food and hanging with my friends.”

The Redwood Cantabileers, the Redwood Middle School (RMS) choir sang next, followed by their jazz band, The Griffin Kings of Swing.

In addition to the music, the food for the night, which included small snacks that ranged from turkey wraps to grapefruit gummy bears, was popular and went quickly, according to music director Jason Shiuan. In fact, halfway through the night, Shiuan announced that they had run out of plates.

All in all, the success of the event was the result of many hours of planning and preparation by the performers and organizers.

“I’ve gone in the past and always loved the chill atmosphere of the event,” senior Micah Lee said. “The music department always does a fantastic job in setting up. It was a wonderful night full of great jazz and fun with friends.”

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