Annual Code Red drill practices safety

November 30, 2008 — by Lauren Kuan and Pia Mishra

On Nov. 25, Saratoga High held its annual Code Red drill. The students barricaded their rooms as soon as they were notified and sat tight for a few hours.

Last week, a special schedule was set in order to create time for a Code Red. The drill was performed in an effort to promote awareness about what to do in a potentially dangerous situation.

Code Red is the notification issued when there is an intruder present on campus. The students are asked to barricade the doors and prevent the intruder from seeing any potential victims.

Said sophomore Keerti Shukla, “I think the drills are really helpful and prepare us well for any serious situations.”

Assistant principal Karen Hyde said that when the opportunity of conducting the drill was presented to the school they accepted without hesitation.

Said Hyde, “I thought that as an administrator it was imperative to have the students go through this process.”

Code Red is also used to help take the hysteria and chaos out of any real Code Red situation. It is ideal for the students to be able to focus and think logically at these times. Drills in the past have included a full SWAT team being brought to the school. Having the professionals on campus helped the students realize the scale of the event.

Said Hyde, “It’s the difference between book learning and life learning. It’s the first time the students realize its not a bubble here, things could actually happen.”