All ASB officers run—and win— in unopposed races

April 2, 2010 — by Pia Mishra and Jenny Zhang

For the first time in school history, each position for next year’s ASB had only one candidate and everyone ran unopposed.

Many students who would have liked to run were unable to do so because they did not attend at least three ASB meetings, a requirement necessary for eligibility. Others, however, simply felt that ASB was too much work and preferred to run for class elections.
To get a confirmation of the officers without disrupting classes, elections took place on March 31 in the middle of the quad.
Next year’s ASB officers will be current juniors David Mandell as president, Nina Mohanty as vice president, Pamela Lee as secretary, Anthony Sutardja as treasurer and current sophomore Anshu Siripurapu as board representative.
“It’s not as legitimate,” said Sutardja. “It’s good [for us], though, but I wish more people ran.”
Lee agreed, saying, “I know it feels like we didn’t totally deserve it,” said Lee. “But, we will, like always, continue to do our best and work as hard as we can.”

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