Alison Norris to attend Santa Clara

May 26, 2009 — by Tim Rollinson

Girls’ water polo star Alison Norris has made the decision to continue her career at Santa Clara University next year.

Norris chose SCU over top choices Loyola Marymount and San Diego State because of the balance of high-level water polo and the connection she felt with the team and coach.

“Santa Clara is a top 10 team so I will be playing at a high level,” said Norris. “Also, the coach is hilarious.”

Loyola Marymount was Norris’s initial No. 1 choice, but after a visit to Santa Clara, she decided the team was a perfect fit for her.

“The team took me and all the other recruits around the campus and we had an awesome time,” said Norris.

Although the closeness to home is a concern for Norris, she is glad that coming home is an option.

“I don’t think my parents are going to be making any surprise visits,” said Norris. “But if I want to come home for the weekend, I can.”

Norris, who has been on SHS varsity since freshman year and the leading scorer the last two years, will be competing for playing time as a freshman, but feels she will grow into a larger role on the team in the four years. She will be playing on a partial scholarship.