30 boys vow not to shave in November

November 28, 2009 — by Grishma Athavale and Tim Rollinson

Sophomore Salmaan Javed shows the beard he has grown as part of No Shave November.

There is a trend growing among some boys this past month: facial hair. While the number of partcipants remains small, their beards are growing longer than ever.

No this isn’t some sort of infectious disease, it’s “No Shave November.”

Ever since alumnus Matt Pearce showed off his huge beard in November two years ago, senior Nathan Kim was inspired and decided to create his own Facebook group, “No Shave November,” in which, as the name implies, participants don’t shave for a month.

So far the group has 30 followers, most of them being upperclassmen. Competitors have been eliminated thanks to varying problems, from college interviews to embarrassing facial hair growth. Kim had to forfeit due to family issues: His mother would not let him attend a college interview with a chin full of stubbles.

“I thought I had the edge because I’m Asian and we don’t grow facial hair,” said Kim. “I failed to account for my mom in the equation.”

Future events include Decembeard and Manuary. Kim is thinking of charging a dollar for each member and splitting the prize among the hairy victors, but for now the “grown out” is just a fun competition among classmates.

“I just thought it would be interesting to see how much I could grow my beard out in a month,” said junior Parth Dholakia.

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