100 Word Rants: June 1 Edition

Reporters rant about various topics from Speed Bumps to Sleep Schedules.

Teachers, just let me sleep

For the last two weeks of school, I've had work periods with nothing to work on, watched obsolete movies that have nothing to do with anything and napped through entire classes.

After AP testing, there isn't any actual content taught in AP classes. Instead, I am forced to do activities that are just used to fill up time, like curve-stitching and making toothpick bridges.

I know I shouldn't complain because at least I don't have six finals to study for. I tell myself that projects can be fun and a nice break from the rigor of the school year.

If I'm not taking a final, I shouldn't have to come to school on the final day. There is absolutely no point in spending two hours watching "The Princess Bride." I made it through the entire year – just let me sleep.

Be nice to novice drivers

As a beginning driver, I am not the best at driving, to put it lightly.

I’ve hit a bush before, and I’ve mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the brake more than once.

I’m still learning and improving my driving. Is it too much to ask for people to have a little bit of patience for student drivers?

Even after I got a “student driver” sign for my car, some people still won’t take the hint, honking at me for trivial offenses like trying to correct myself after stopping too far from a stop sign.

Instead of honking or gesturing rudely, be patient with novice drivers. We’re still learning how to drive, and it isn’t easy.

Classrooms don't need to be freezing

I wake up to a morning of sunshine. The first thing I do is check the weather forecast on my Google Home.

“Today in Saratoga, expect a high of 83 degrees and a low of 62 degrees,” Google says.

Nice, I think. I can finally take a break from jeans and wear some nice khaki shorts. I throw on a T-shirt and leave for school.

But as I enter my history teacher’s classroom, I’m hit with a blast of cold air conditioning. Fifteen minutes into the class and I’m already sneezing and sniffling, trying to survive in the Arctic-like environment as a lecture continues on the Cold War.

Teachers, please try to keep your classrooms somewhat not freezing so we don’t have to find a way to dress for two different seasons at once.

Please just drive over the speed bumps

Every day, as I make my way to school, cars swerve into the loading zone near the tennis courts in order to avoid the speed bumps.

Coincidentally, that also happens to be where other students and I have to walk. It’s annoying because all of us have to walk right up against the trees to avoid being hit. I can also sometimes see drivers get visibly agitated when students block their path around the bump, forcing them to actually do what they’re supposed to.

It’s gotten so bad that one of the speed bumps have already been extended toward the tennis courts. So please just drive over them instead of trying to save a few seconds and risking lives in the process.

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