100-word rant: Red and Blue Day tutorials should be the same length 

May 5, 2023 — by Parav Manney
Having an alternating tutorial schedule is unnecessarily convoluted.

Tutorials are pretty great. They’re a good time to socialize, complete work or just recharge from the rush of school life. But there’s a problem with the way our school handles them: Red Day tutorials are only 30 minutes while Blue Days are 50. This large disparity between the two durations makes for a slew of inconveniences. 

The number of Red and Blue Days per school week alternates from three Reds and two Blues to three Blues and two Reds — in weeks with a majority of Reds, then, students are essentially losing time. It’s already bad enough that the school has a different schedule every day, but the oscillating tutorial lengths make Blue Days much more of a relief than Red Days, where many of us find ourselves rushing to optimize our time. 

If tutorials were just 50 minutes, it would reduce much of the juggling that highschoolers already go through. A consistent schedule (rather than one that flip-flops from more time to less) is more conducive to mental health and gives people more time to learn and have space to think.