’08-’09 Commissions chosen for next year

June 2, 2008 — by Maggie Lin

After a week of interviews from May 19-23, all the commissions excluding Events and Benefit have been finalized. Events and Benefit commission will undergo a different selection process.

This year, the selection process changed so that application slips had to be filled out beforehand and students came in on their own to be interviewed. The changes were made to quicken the selection process and make a smoother transition into next year.

ASB members performed interviews in groups of at least two. On May 23, they picked the commission heads and commission members. Another change made was the combination of Spirit and Publicity Commission for next year. ASB evaluated the success of the commissions this year and increased or decreased the number of members for each commission where necessary.

Next year’s ASB Board Representative junior Corey Rateau, who played a role in choosing commission members, said, “I think more than anything, it was exciting to see so many new students come out here really enthusiastic and who will inevitably play a huge role in the commissions next year. It looks like things are shaping up for a good year.”

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