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Two new classes proposed for next year

Jackson Green April 2, 2020

New Effective Speech and Communication and Creative Writing 2 classes suggested to school board for next year

Problem While Fetching Story

StoryFetchError December 10, 2019

This is a placeholder story that I made for the Falcon App. Do not delete this, do not be alarmed at its existence, so on, so forth. Just ignore this story. Thank you in advance.


Baking a cake without a recipe proves harder than anticipated

Megan Chen, Callia Yuan, and Jayne Zhou March 14, 2019

Reporters test baking skills picked up from years of watching Tasty videos


Alumnus Joel Schneidmiller pursues volleyball career at UC Irvine

Chelsea Leung and Alexandra Li March 14, 2019

Boys’ volleyball star finds new home with the Division 1 Anteaters

Don’t judge an onion (banana juice) by its peel

Phoebe Wang March 14, 2019

Onion banana juice a unique experience and journey from normal dietary habits


Winter Guard commits to hours of evening rehearsals

Christine Zhang March 14, 2019

With the upcoming World Championships, varsity members reflect on their high degree of commitment to the team

Don’t be paranoid: Tracking technology helps more than harms

Andrew Lee March 14, 2019

Reporter argues that applications that track teen locations can be a positive aspect of student life, despite arguments about personal privacy.

Standardized tests do not define students

Jessica Wang March 14, 2019

Reporter argues that high test scores are not correlated with intelligence and should not be treated or addressed as such

SHS doesn’t need more humanities courses

Jeffrey Ma March 14, 2019

Reporter argues that student calls for more humanities courses fail to consider practitalility and the student body’s overall interests.

Survey well intentioned but implemented poorly

Jeffrey Ma March 14, 2019

Reporter argues that confusion around health survey’s tutorial implementation wastes chance to collect valuable data.

Tiger moms prevent children from leading healthy lifestyles

Christine Zhang March 14, 2019

Tiger moms disregard their children’s personal desires, harming them as well as their family relationship

Supplementary class offers alternative credit fulfillment online

Allison Hartley March 14, 2019

Students enroll in eighth period to remediate class credit or utilize a different classroom format

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