About The Saratoga Falcon

The Saratoga Falcon print and online editions are published by the two Advanced Journalism newspaper classes of Saratoga High School, 20300 Herriman Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070. Reporters and editors can be reached by sending an email to firstname.lastname@saratogafalcon.org.

2019-20 Falcon Staff:

Editors-in-chief for fourth period: Connie Liang, Anishi Patel

Editors-in-chief for fifth period: Ananya Vadlakonda, Jeffrey Xu

Associate Editors: Andrew Lee, Elaine Toh

News Editors: Siva Sambasivam, Alex Wang

Opinion Editors: Mathew Luo, Jeffrey Ma

Associate Opinion Editors: Shreya Katkere, Kevin Sze

Sports Editors: Justin Guo, Allison Hartley, Selena Liu, Oliver Ye

Lifestyles Editors: Eileen Bui, Sofia Jones, Jessica Wang, Emilie Zhou

Entertainment Editors: Nitya Marimuthu, Sandhya Sundaram, Samantha Yee, Jayne Zhou

In-Depth Editors: Neeti Badve, Manasi Garg, Anna Novoselov, Christine Zhang

School Scope Editors: Shama Gupta, Rohan Kumar, Kaitlyn Tsai, Alekhya Vadlakonda

Multimedia & Social Media: Allen Chen, Annissa Mu, Krithi Sankar

Backpage Editors: Leo Cao, Howard Tang

Head Photog: Angelina Chen, Jun Lee

Head Graphics: Megan Chen, Amanda Zhu

Head Copy Editors: Michael Wong, Kaylene Morrison , Edwin Chen, Jackson Green, Alan Zu

Web Team/App Development: Andrew Li, Isaac Le, Sean Oh, Aaria Thomas

Business/Ad Managers: Marisa Kingsley

Reporter/Layout Artists: Vicky Bai, Preston Fu, Jonathan Li, Serena Li, Nicole Lu, Anjali Nuggehali, Viraaj Reddi, Lihi Shoshani, Kavita Sundaram, Xinran Xu, William Yuan, Joann Zhang, Jeanette Zhou, Apurva Chakravarthy, Andy Chen, Madelyn Jin, Benjamin Li, Ethan Lin, Esther Luan, Allen Luo, Kaasha Minocha, Sina Salehi, Harshini Velchamy, Brandon Wang, Tiffany Wang, Anouk Yeh

Adviser: Mike Tyler


Please contact Marisa Kingsley at marisa.kingsley@saratogafalcon.org about advertising in either the print or online edition.

Photo of the week

On March 27, members of the Air National Guard converted the Santa Clara County Convention Center to a temporary federal facility for about 250 coronavirus patients. The center is to house those who have tested positive for the virus, but don't require intensive in-hospital care. More information can be found through the local news. Photo courtesy of Randy Vazquez of the Bay Area News Group.


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