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Bottom 10: Worst genres of people at SHS

Ariel Zhou
Some of the worst characteristics a person can have.

10. Slow Drivers

When we’re in a rush and there is a person driving a good 10 miles under the speed limit, you best believe we will be swerving around them and giving them the dirtiest look possible. Sometimes it feels like these people are driving slowly to intentionally anger others. Word of advice: drive faster, you’re slowing down the whole traffic line. 

9. Pick-me boys

Pick-me boys are the insecure guys who will do anything for compliments; they’re the guys who reek of desperation and immaturity. To all the pick-me boys: Do yourselves a favor and gain some confidence. Word of advice: Stop fishing for compliments, we can tell when you are doing this and it’s not a cute look. 

8. Snitches

“Snitches get stitches.”

Snitching only shows everyone you are not to be trusted — don’t be surprised if no one is willing to talk to you anymore. Word of advice: It’s usually better to keep your mouth shut; no one will trust you if you don’t know how to keep a secret.

7. Crybabies

Crying can be good for you. It’s a way to let out all that pent-up emotional stress. But it is incredibly annoying to see classmates crying over a 90% on their Chemistry test. We have even encountered someone breaking down in class and crying over getting an A+ on a test. Word of advice: Keep your sorrow to yourself, we don’t need to hear it because most likely we did worse than you did. 

6. Tryhards

Tryhards plague our school; they’re the most judgmental and rude people you may ever encounter. Whether it’s their slight smirks when you get an answer wrong or the sorry looks they give you when you tell them your grade, the entitlement that these people have is unmatched. Word of advice: no one cares that you have a 4.0 and got As on every test in your life. Find a personality other than school please. 

5. Teacher’s pets

Teacher’s pets share many of the same qualities as tryhards, though these students will make it their one and only goal to be well-liked by teachers. From always being the first to raise their hands when teachers ask to pass out papers to bringing food to teachers during their free periods, we highly doubt teachers love the kids that bombard them with personal questions and constantly try everything in their power to impress them. Word of advice: stop being a kiss-up. It’s not cute and actually somewhat embarrassing. 

4. Clingers

Out of all the personality traits a person can have, being clingy is one of the worst. Clingers desperately need to be included, and though clingy partners are bad, clingy friends are even worse, since you can’t just break up with them to get them off your back. There’s really nothing you can do about people like this, other than confronting them or trying your best to avoid them. Word of advice: Learn to take hint.

3. Pick-me girls

As the counterpart of pick-me boys, pick-me girls share the same aspect of insecurity. Common pick-me girl strategies include referring to themselves as “one of the guys” or fishing for compliments by insulting themselves. Word of advice: Stop acting different — you aren’t.

2. Humble Braggers

“How did you do on the test?”

Humble braggers will always ask this just so they can respond to your answer with a score higher than yours. They’ll say “That’s so good!” when you got a C and they got an A. But the second you get a higher score than they did, they’ll know to never ask for your grade again. Words of advice: Stop asking questions when you already know the answer. 

1. Discord kittens and furries

At No. 1, the most questionable types of people at our school are the furries and Discord kittens. Seeing students come to school with furry tails or cat ears on a daily basis is the most alarming sight. We promise you — discovering a cat tail poking out of the chair in front of you at 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning is enough to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the week. Word of advice: Keep the tails and meowing at home and not in school.

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