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Ideal off-campus lunch locations to eat during school

Michelle Wan
Disclaimer! Drive safely when leaving campus—better safe than making school on time!

Speeding through the streets, students try to reach their restaurant destinations and return to campus in the allotted 45-minute lunch period.  

“Going off” with friends is a tradition for many upperclassmen. As an avid “going-offer” myself, I have strong opinions about what the best options are.

Safeway: 3/5 Falcons

  When you arrive, it is almost impossible not to run into at least five other students crowded around the deli and sushi section. The self-checkout usually gets congested by a blockade of students, all carefully monitored by watchful workers. Safeway is an incredibly popular lunch option as the location is less than a mile of a drive from school. The wide variety of food options also offers students a surplus of different snacks, and it’s a good choice for those on a budget. There isn’t much excitement in going to Safeway, but its popularity still lingers nevertheless.

Saratoga Bagels: 4.5/5 Falcons  

Well known as the holy grail of bagels, sandwiches and smoothies, Saratoga Bagels, a small shop owned by a sweet family from Cupertino, serves as a home to many regulars who make a stop every day. During lunch, the small parking lot fills quickly with the cars of Saratoga students, all lining up in anticipation to receive their orders on time. Its offerings are on the pricey side, with a plain bagel and cream cheese costing $4.25. Regardless, the quality of food and shop’s ambiance are worth the price, making Saratoga Bagels a friend group favorite.

Taco Bell: 4/5 Falcons

From Crunch-wrap supremes to Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell offers an exquisite array of options. The foods are just enough to satisfy a craving and their Baja Blast Freeze makes the school day just a little bit better. Not to mention, the prices are affordable, making the store a popular option. On the downside, it’s farther away and Saratoga Avenue traffic is often congested, so those who go need to plan out their time well or run the risk of being late.

Cafe LaTTea: 3/5 Falcons

Cafe LaTTea is a boba shop that not many students consider an option — and for good reason. Located on Stevens Creek Blvd next to Mainstreet Cupertino, Cafe LaTTea is only an option for drivers with serious green-light mojo or a heavy foot that risks speeding tickets. Despite the store being a 10-15 minute drive away, ordering ahead makes the long drive a better bet. Although they are mainly known for their boba, the popcorn chicken is heavenly. The price is reasonable considering the amount of chicken you get, so it can be a nice treat once in a while.

Super Duper: 1/5 Falcons

Super Duper can only be considered an option if attending your next class period isn’t set high on the priority list. Their choices of traditional American food, although made very well, are not going to be ready in time to make it back to school on time. Not only is there traffic at the location, but the actual wait time for food lasts for ages, forcing students to pick: food or school. In conclusion, Super Duper is not a super wise decision for lunch.

Starbucks: 4/5 Falcons

The most “chain” of chain restaurants, Starbucks, lying in the heart of Argonaut Center, is always bustling with students when the clock hits noon. With people barging through the doors and online orders filling up the queue of the coffee shop, lunchtime is imaginably a nightmare for the poor workers unlucky enough to have that shift. Their assortments of sandwiches and pastry items, not even counting their popular caffeinated drinks (which are necessary for any average teenager), seem to be the most appealing for all.

Chipotle: 3.5/5 Falcons

Yet another popular chain restaurant, Chipotle, located 5.7 miles away on Blossom Hill Rd, also draws crowds: a bowl and chips with a side of guacamole can be just enough to keep a student from starving to death after AP Biology. However, its tight parking lot poses a large risk of car crashes, specifically hit-and-runs. The wait time can also be long. Go there at your own risk.

Honorable mentions: Lastly, some other potential destinations for students that haven’t made the main list include: Five Guys, McDonald’s, Mod Pizza, Super Chix, Trader Joes, 85, Yogurtland, ToGos, Pho & Jazen Tea, Fire Wings, Panda Express, Pizza my Heart and Ikes.

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