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Check out these top emerging artists for a musical spring season


Spring can be a cruel season. The end of the school year seems so near, but it’s really a marathon of sleepless nights and crammed days, an examination of mental and physical durability that drags your eyelids and neural system through unbeknownst toil and suffering. 

Don’t fret just yet. For your sake, I’ve curated a nice selection of emerging industry-standard artists whose songs can help you spring through spring. 


No. 1: JVKE

You’ve probably seen JVKE roaming about on your TikTok, milking every last second of his singles to get you to stream his music. Don’t get me wrong — his promotion gets on my nerves — but let’s separate the artist from the art in this case.

JVKE’s new album, “this is what ____ feels like,” is a beautiful storytelling journey through love, heartbreak, sadness and acceptance. Hit singles “this is what falling in love feels like” and “golden hour” exemplify JVKE’s simple yet stunning production in tandem with wholesome lyrics. The juxtaposition of gorgeous piano arpeggios and wide synth chords drives each song, creating an emotional and powerful background for JVKE’s decent delivery.

Maybe those thousands of TikToks were worth it.


No. 2: d4vd

Another TikTok artist — let me be.

Most of our generation has heard of “Here With Me” and “Romantic Homicide,” both of which have garnered hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify. Even if you’ve listened to snippets of these songs on repeat while scrolling through your phone, they’re honestly the perfect encapsulation of spring.

The light hi-hats in both songs provide a laid-back yet swaying rhythm, partnering particularly well with the panned guitar melodies. Moreover, the raw emotion in d4vd’s delivery, along with the lack of significant post-production and vocal processing, make for extremely unrefined tracks that elevate the human aspect of the records.


No. 3: Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét isn’t exactly a household name, but this singer-songwriter has countless hidden gems within her surprisingly deep discography. 

Her 2020 album “JAGUAR” is a great listen for fans of R&B and pop. Specifically, her airy vocals and fluttery instrumentals are a wonderful combination for easy listening throughout the day. “We Might Even Be Falling In Love” and “Experience” are highlights on Monét’s latest record, comprising of smooth drums and jazzy melodies, layering soundly with Monét’s luscious harmonies. For more movement, “Coastin’” has a fun west-coast vibe, and the partnership between the sharp snare drum and the funky bassline forms the backbone of this pop hit. 


No. 4: Kehlani

I know, Kehlani’s been around for as long as I can remember, but her recent work has genuinely flown under the radar.

“blue water road,” released in 2022, is a more pop-like route for the traditional R&B artist. This record paves the way for her transition into new genres, as singles like “altar” and “everything” are completely distinct from the rest of her discography. 

Many tracks on Kehlani’s latest album contain a bouncy drum pattern on top of acoustic guitar riffs, Kehlani’s personal take on an indie pop atmosphere. Also, “blue water road” features artists such as Justin Bieber, Syd and Jessie Reyez, meshing surprisingly well with Kehlani’s hooks and verses. 


No. 5: Ruel

This Australian artist’s music has everything pop music has ever asked for. From the catchy hooks on “Painkiller” to the heart-wrenching ballad of “Hard Sometimes,” it’s safe to say Ruel is one of the most versatile upcoming artists on the platform.

While his fame has slightly dwindled in recent times, his music has evolved significantly. His 2020 EP “Bright Lights, Red Eyes” is a nice crossover between pop and soul, with Cautious Clay’s feature on “say it over” slamming it home with the grand choir sample. Although his recent singles this year haven’t hit the mark just yet, I’m sure Ruel can recover to his previous stature with more refinement on his vocal delivery and music production. 


Feel free to dibble and dabble in any of these artists’ discographies, and maybe you’ll discover some new masterpieces along the way. Spring is a stressful yet fruitful season, so strap in with your favorite music and make the most out of the bumpy ride.

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