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The singles empowerment movement: How to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone

Victoria Lin
Chocolate, hearts, cats and your math homework.

Every year, when February comes around, I, like many others, get constant reminders of how single I am. Valentine’s Day plagues my life with cupids and hearts. Social media, CVS pharmacies and Target become more and more catered to those who are in loving relationships.

As someone not in a relationship, I get tired of seeing these cheesy cards, which feature phrases like “I’ll love you forever” or “you’re mine,” pop up each February. 

We all know most of these high school relationships won’t make it past two months and are destined to fail after graduation, so from someone who has always been single, I think it’s wise to save some time and energy by just remaining single. (I’m definitely not jealous of those who can maintain their grades and have the time to be in a relationship.)

To cope with being alone on a day dedicated to couples, I’ve compiled a list of activities to help those of us who are, as we tell ourselves, single by choice.


Buy yourself chocolate

Take advantage of the day after Valentine’s Day, when all the best chocolates are on sale. If I were you, I’d make my way to Safeway and buy enough chocolate to ensure I have the necessary amount to sustain myself for the entirety of the next week.

For those who need comfort, I suggest Dove chocolate because they have cute messages in tin foil that are guaranteed to cheer you up. 

If you don’t want Dove chocolate, there are always the classic Hershey’s kisses that are always on sale. 


Spend time with pets

For the more socially recluse, I would suggest hanging out with your pets instead of people. 

I take my cats on a walk because people are overrated and cats are just better. People may say cats are not loving, but cats can be affectionate as long as you give them enough food.


Do your homework

You’ll still have homework on Valentine’s Day, so might as well get ahead on schoolwork since you won’t have any other plans that day. 

Instead of pouring your feelings into a heartfelt note, focus on your math homework because let’s be honest, math will help more in your future than a love letter. 


Watch some rom coms

Instead of falling in love, watch two characters fall in love with each other. Prepare to feel frustrated at watching the main leads fail in communication, and don’t forget the big confession scene that will take forever to happen.

Have some consolation in knowing that even though you haven’t ended up with the person of your dreams, at least you are able to see what it’ll potentially be like.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, there is nothing to fear for single people. You will always have generous sales on sweets, your pets, your favorite romantic movies and that homework you still need to complete.

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