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Normalize natural bodies: Imperfections are beautiful

Lip fillers. Brazilian butt lifts (BBL). Nose jobs. 

It’s no surprise that much of Hollywood’s beauty isn’t natural. Many celebrities, from Tyra Banks to Dolly Parton, have admitted to getting plastic surgery. However, when celebrities start lying about having undergone procedures, it promotes a false perception of beauty that can be harmful for teens.

For instance, according to YouTuber Lorry Hill, a celebrity plastic surgery analyst, compared photos of Kim Kardashian from 2005 to present, suspecting that the significant change in Kim’s hourglass silhouette was only possible through rounds of BBLs, liposuction and chest augmentation, rather than natural growth. 

Yet, the family has credited much of their transformations to living a healthy lifestyle. In 2017, Kim Kardashian promoted Flat Tummy Co. Shakes and for weight loss — these shakes contain dangerous laxatives that lead to liver damage, diarrhea, addiction and extreme weight loss.

The Kardashians have continuously perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards, triggering insecurity among teenagers and leading them to seek extreme methods to have the unnatural “natural beauty” look.

As a result, cosmetic surgeries and non-invasive cosmetic procedures have become the new “necessity.” In 2015, surgeries and procedures performed on youths ages 13 to 19 accumulated to around 220,000; in 2020, the number rose to nearly 370,000. Additionally, BBLs, a risky surgery that enhances buttock volume and overall body symmetry, are encouraging girls around the world to travel to places like Florida, Turkey and Mexico. BBLs have become  the “fastest-growing cosmetic procedure,” despite them having the highest mortality rate out of all plastic surgeries. 

On social media, many influencers’ posts are highly edited using photoshopping apps. The commonality of this behavior subconsciously sets the ideal look for women—a standard that is largely unrealistic. When teenage girls imperceptibly internalize these images,  it can contribute to health issues such as eating disorders, along with the risks that come along with plastic surgeries.

While striving toward a fitter body is commendable, influential figures who set unrealistic beauty standards through surgeries they deny having are dangerous to impressionable audiences. These unattainable beauty standards will harm teenagers less if celebrities and influencers come clean about their procedures, behind-the-scenes plannings and costs. Celebrities might also want to accept their own natural imperfections as beautiful — but that might be asking too much.

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