Spring Fling themed around popular hashtags

April 1, 2018 — by Andrew Lee and Muthu Palaniappan
Photo by Muthu Palaniappan

The Lip Dub film crew makes its way through campus Monday.

Homecoming is always one of the most exciting weeks in the for students in the first semester — students get a chance to dress up and show school spirit, momentarily alleviating their usual school stresses. Starting April 2, the Homecoming/Spring Fling Commission will run a similar event, Spring Fling week, which will be filled with exciting and spirited themes.  

Seniors Jishing Yu, Andrew Zheng, Anya Srivats and Kate Bossi are all a part of the commission. They established this year’s theme as “#SHSSpringFling.”  

“Every day is modeled after a popular hashtag that has gone around, like #twinningtuesday and #workoutwednesday,” Yu said. “We chose this because most people know the hashtags, so it would encourage more people to dress up.”

In the past, the commission has noticed that students are not as spirited during Spring Fling as they are during Homecoming, so they are hoping that will change this year.

Although the spirit week took place during a stressful time amidst AP test preparations, the commission hoped that the  week served as an outlet to have fun and express school spirit.

“We made the themes more simple than previous years, in hopes that students would be more willing to wear spirit clothing because they do not need to go out of their way to prepare for Spring Fling,” Zheng said.

Powder Puff football games will take place during  lunch, with freshmen versus juniors on April 3, sophomores vs seniors on April 4 and finals on Friday, April 6. The week will start off with a school dance hosted by dance commission on March 31. Also, as of last year, the school started a new annual tradition, the Lip Dub, which will continue during this spring fling week.

“I love Spring Fling because it's so exciting to have a school wide event that boosts class participation and rivalry,” Yu said. “I think everyone has fun with the powderpuff routines and the football games and no one takes it too seriously, so it's just a great tradition overall.”


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